Communications Bureau

The Montebello Police Department Communications Bureau is comprised of 8 public safety dispatchers who are led by the Communications Center Supervisor. On average, the dispatchers handle calls for service on a daily basis, with an average call load of 55,000 calls received annually.

The dispatchers work various shifts to ensure there is 24 hour coverage, 365 days a week. Dispatchers are required to attend a California POST Dispatch school within one year of being hired, as well as attending frequent refresher training as well.

They're the calm voice in the storm of chaos.

When nightmares become a reality and help is needed immediately, Montebello Police Department Dispatchers are the lifeline to both the community, and the police officers in the field.

24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, men and women wear a headset and speak on the phone and radio, while typing critical information into computer systems. There is no voicemail and there is no such thing as "it can wait."

"Often Heard, Seldom Seen"