The Montebello Police Department

We are a full-service law enforcement agency providing police service to about 64,000 residents, businesses, and visitors of Montebello, California. 

Located just nine miles from downtown Los Angeles with access from 4 major freeways, the City of Montebello employs over 600 employees, of which 120 are police department employees, not including reserve officers and volunteers.

Become A Montebello Police Officer.

We’re currently accepting applications from motivated, responsible, and mature men and women who want to become a member of our team. We only hire the best and those who earn our badge are among the priviledged few.

Job Description And Applications

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Montebello PD Citizen Connect Map


Data & Insights Citizen Connect is a module that connects citizens and elected officials with information about the government services in their communities. Citizen Connect links 311 data, crime, traffic incidents, and other key service information and allows users to explore, analyze, and sign up for alerts around the data.

 Users can view the data as a heat map to see the concentration of pins or as aggregate data to certain boundaries like zip codes, neighborhoods, council districts, and much more. Filter options available on Citizen's Connect include place, date range, and type of data. The module is fully interactive and allows users to easily select and view different data points.


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