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A Great Place to do Business.

The City of Montebello works to elevate its neighborhoods and its local economy by making it stronger, more inclusive, and responsive to the specific needs of its community.

Economic development is about more than just the bottom line—it’s about human impact and prosperity. That’s why we are investing in the jobs, industries, and businesses that will drive Montebello’s economic future to make it a stronger, safer, and more innovative city.


Doing Business in Montebello:

Whether you’re a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, Montebello can offer support, resources, and referrals to help maximize your economic potential.


Elevating Business:

We know that businesses face unique challenges when it comes to location decisions, including recruiting talent, finding the right customer base, securing space, and accessing capital. In Montebello, we are dedicated to creating shared prosperity across the city, we can connect you to everything you need to hit the ground running, from industry connections, access to economic data, and finance solutions and incentives.


Contact Information:

Jose A. Gardea

Economic Development Manager

(323)887-1200 Ext 1475

[email protected]