Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about the City's employment opportunities?  All current open recruitment's can be found in the Job Openings section of Human Resources.  

How do I qualify for the job?
The requirements are listed in the "Education and Experience" section on the job bulletin. Read the requirements carefully. A position may require college course work, a specific type and amount of experience, a license or certification, or skill, knowledge and ability in specific fields. You should include pertinent information about your qualifications, such as your education, experience (volunteer or paid), licenses, certificates, and special skills on your application.

How long does this process take?
Each recruitment process is different. The hiring department will review applications once the filing deadline has been reached. Human Resources will reach out via e-mail once all applications have been reviewed. The notice will inform you when and where the first examination will take place if your application is accepted. If your application is declined, you will be notified by e-mail.

What types of examinations are given?
Testing may consist of one of the following or a combination of any of the following: a written exam, an oral exam, a performance exam or any other test deemed appropriate. The City of Montebello is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of disability. Individuals with disabilities that require accommodation in the application or testing process, may be required to provide the Human Resources/Risk Management Department, no later than the filing date, with documentation regarding the need for accommodation.

What happens after I take the examination(s)?
If the position is part of the City's Civil Service classified positions, you are placed on an "eligibility list" in the order of your total examination score, including veteran's service credits. You will be notified through mail of your score if you pass all phases of the testing, Human Resources will not give out the information over the telephone. You will also receive a letter if you are not successful in the examination process. The eligibility list is valid for a minimum of one year, unless the list is exhausted. Certain positions for which the City of Montebello recruits fall outside of the Civil Service process and may not utilize the above examination process. Such positions include hourly and unclassified jobs.

What should I do if called for a second interview?
If you are called by the City for a second interview with the hiring department be prompt and dress appropriately. You may also want to review the job bulletin to prepare yourself for the interview.

What happens if I am selected?
If selected, you must successfully complete a background investigation (including Department of Justice fingerprint inspection) and a physical examination, which includes drug testing. At the time of appointment, you must have the required proof of authorization to work in the United States.