Solid Waste Haulers

The only companies authorized to collect, transport, or provide solid waste, recycling, or commercial and demolition services are those licensed and franchised by the City. The Municipal Code states that no person shall collect, carry, convey, or transport solid waste, C&D debris, or recyclables, upon or through any street, alley, or public place in the City, unless such person is franchised under the terms of this chapter to do so. The following persons shall be exempt from this prohibition:

    1. Landscaping and yard maintenance persons who, as a consequence of their business activity, may generate, transport, and dispose of green waste material that they generate.
    2. Non-profit organizations collecting recyclable materials for the purposes of fundraising.
  • Building contractors may transport and dispose of C&D debris generated in the course of their business activity using roll-off boxes or bins owned or rented by the contractors.
  • The generator of the solid waste, C&D debris, or recyclables for the purposes of self-hauling the material to a disposal or recycling facility

As a result of the aforementioned code sections, only the following franchised solid waste providers are authorized to operate or provide services within the City:

AAA Rubbish, Inc (562) 927-9669
American Reclamation (323) 245-0125
Athens Services (626) 336-6100
Commercial Waste Services (800) 947-8224
Consolidated Disposal (562) 663-3400
G&B Services (800) 572-0086 or [email protected]
Haul Away Rubbish (323) 721-0371
Key Disposal (323) 721-5441
NASA Services (323) 888-0388
Serv-Wel Disposal (888) 768-2246
Universal Waste (562) 695-8236
Ware Disposal (714) 834-0234

Companies that provide recycling services only are permitted within the City except as provided for in Section 8.12 of the Montebello Municipal Code, which states in part, "Any person may provide recycling services to commercial, industrial, and multi-family premises within the City without obtaining a franchise, provided that the person has a valid and current business license issued by the City and complies with the provisions of the City's Code."