Recycling Program

What is Construction and Demolition Debris?   Materials consist of brick, block, rubble, wood and used heavy timber from homes. It can include drywall and demolished roofing materials, recyclable metals and copper. Montebello Municipal Code defines Commercial and Demolition Debris (or C&D Debris) as "waste products and recyclables resulting from the construction, remodeling, or demolition of building and/or other structures including, but not limited to, wood, metals, concrete, brick, clay, glass, plastics, dirt, asphalt, cement, lumber, wallboard, roofing material, ceramic tile, plastic pipe, and excluding putrescibles, garbage, and liquid wastes."

Whenever a resident, business, or outside contractor is performing any type of construction, remodeling, demolition, or land clearing activity within the City, they are required to report the information to the City. They must provide the City with the name and contact information for the approved and licensed solid waste hauler that they are using for the removal of the waste material. This ensures the materials being discarded are accounted for and that the City is able to properly account for all of the waste materials generated within the city limits.

Reporting is simple and takes only a few minutes. Please obtain a City "Commercial & Demolition Reporting Form" from this website, or from the City's Planning & Community Development Department, and return the form to the City once the project is complete. This information allows us to contact your hauler and obtain the necessary information. If you hauled the material away yourself, then you can complete the form and provide the information to us directly. The reporting of this information is essential to help the City meet our state mandated diversion requirements.