General Plan

General Plan Update

On March 1, an update on the General Plan and Downtown Specific Plan was provided to City Council. The consultant provided a high level overview on the City's vision and the Downtown Specific Plan.  

To access the presentation, you may click on the following linkGeneral Plan Update Presentation.



General Plan Update

Montebello is undergoing a comprehensive General Plan update.

 The general plan is Montebello's blueprint for meeting the community’s long-term vision for the future.

The Plan will have seven focus areas:

  1. Our Natural Community;
  2. Our Prosperous Community;
  3. Our Well Planned Community (CORE);
  4. Our Accessible Community (CORE);
  5. Our Healthy and Safe Community;
  6. Our Creative Community; and
  7. Our Active Community.

Each focus area will be reviewed with three lenses:

  • Resilience,
  • Social Equity, and
  • Vision Zero.

Please visit the project webpage to follow the City's efforts: