Building & Safety Roofing Information

Roofing Application

What is needed for a roofing permit?

  1. Roofing Application
  2. Roofing Material Manufacturer Name, Material Type, Color, Weight (lbs./sq.ft.), Number of Squares, and Approved Evaluation Report.
  3. Contractor license and business contact information.

What is the Evaluation Report and How do I find it?

The Evaluation Report is a lab test result that identifies how to properly install the roofing materials additionally provides the building code version the roofing material complies with, fire Class rating for the roofing product used. The evaluation report can be found on the roofing manufacturer website under specifications or documentation. Also, the evaluation report can be found on the International Code Council database at

Roofing Over Existing Roof Materials (Adding a layer)?

The code allows no more than 3 layers to be installed and requires a pre-inspection when the permit is issued and before the new roof layer is installed. The material used must be tested and have installation requirements of how to intall the roofing material. Commonly per the manufacturer installation criteria, the anchoring method of the additional layer needs to be submitted to the City for review and approval. The manufacturer provides the method of installing to avoid wind damage.