Fire Engineering & Plan Review

The Community Risk Reduction Division is responsible for the completion of approximately 1000 plan reviews every year. These plan reviews involve the review of both commercial and residential, new construction, and tenant improvements throughout the City of Montebello.

In 1993, the City of Montebello-Fire Department enacted the residential fire sprinkler system ordinance, now adopted as part of the Montebello Municipal Code, which requires the installation of fire sprinklers in residential properties. When a new project is developed, or an existing project is remodeled (tenant improvement) with an increase of 50 percent or more, these scenarios result in the retrofit of fire sprinklers. In the same year, commercial properties encountered a similar upgrade requirement; requiring commercial buildings over 4,000 square feet to be provided with or retrofitted with automatic fire sprinkler systems. Please contact the community risk reduction office for further information.

The Fire Code requires the installation of smoke detectors (smoke alarms) in most occupancies. A simple rule of thumb is that all sleeping rooms and the hallways adjoining the sleeping rooms shall be provided with smoke detectors (smoke alarms). In new construction or tenant improvement projects, these smoke detectors (smoke alarms) are required to be hardwired, with a battery backup, and interconnected for alarming purposes.

Fire extinguishers are also required in all business occupancies within the City of Montebello. These fire extinguishers are required to be serviced annually and mounted with the proper signage. The minimum size fire extinguisher is a 2A10BC, all-purpose fire extinguisher, with spacing not to exceed a travel of 75 feet. Additionally, it is required by law to have address numbers posted on all structures, with the address numbers being in contrasting color to the background and provided with lighting.

For additional Fire Code information, please feel free to contact our office to speak with a representative.

How do I get my plans?
Planning Personnel will contact you to pick up plans after they have been stamped by all approving departments. All Plans will be picked up where they were dropped off at the Planning Office in the Left Wing of City Hall.

When do I get my plans?

Plans are reviewed in the order they are received whether they are Fire or Building related or size of the project. They are saved for review under the date they were received by Fire. 

Currently Plans have a Turnaround Time of 6-9 Weeks in the Fire Department.

This Turnaround time is Unassociated with any Turnaround Time in any Other Department.

If you have any questions regarding plan status or plan review, please email [email protected].

How do I get my Pay?
All Payments for Plan Review, inspections, or temporary use permits will be conducted through the City’s Finance Department. Payment is submitted at the point of completion of plan review when plans are collected at City Hall by the applicant.


Fire Plan Review Submittal Process

  1. The licensed contractor commissioned to perform the work will submit and pick-up the plans.
  2. Completely fill out Fire Application 2020-2021
  3. Provide copies of all required State and City of Montebello business licenses.
  4. If you are submitting Paper Copies of plans provide three sets of plans.
  5. Plans shall be legible and scaled.
  6. Provide listings and specifications of all materials listed on plans.
  7. Plan Check and Permit Fees are due upon submittal.
  8. Plans may also be submitted online as digital copies through Montebello Plan Submittal Portal 
  9. For any questions regarding Electronic Submittal Contact the Building and Safety Division. 


What if my Plans have Corrections? 

  1. Redlined Plans and or Correction Sheets will be sent back to the email provided at submission. 
  2. An email will be provided for the plan return. 
  3. Plans must be saved under their address and the Permit number B2# or FPP.
  4. For Status Questions please send all inquiries to [email protected] 


Montebello Fire Department Submittal Requirements:

MFD Fire Sprinkler Plan Submittal Requirements

MFD Fire Sprinkler Underground Plan Submittal Requirements

MFD Fire Alarm Plan Submittal Requirements

MFD Commerical Hood System Submittal Requirements

MFD Fire Alarm Installation Plan Notes

MFD Fire Sprinkler 13 Installation Plan Notes

MFD Fire Sprinkler 13D Installation Notes

The City of Montebello Standard Operating Guidelines for the construction of buildings and roads in the City:

  • Fire Access SOG
  • Speed Humps/Bumps
  • Radio Communication System for Emergency Responders

City of Montebello Specifications

NFPA Testing and Certification Documentation:

  • NFPA 72 Fire Alarm Record of Completion
  • NFPA 13 Contractors Materials and Test Certificate for Underground Piping
  • NFPA 13 Contractors Materials and Test Certificate for Aboveground Piping

Turnaround Time: The Plan Check turnaround is approximately 6-9 weeks.

Payment - Payment must be submitted with the plans. Where plans are completed, the plans examiner will contact the applicant and inform him or her. Checks should be made out to the "City of Montebello."

For more information regarding fire engineering and plan review, please contact:

Veronica Lara
Senior Administrative Assistant