Police Explorers

The Montebello Explorer Post was formed in 1972. The post is sponsored by the Montebello Police Department and is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America.

A sworn coordinator oversees the post. The explorer post consists of 1 sworn advisor, numerous sworn and civilian associate advisors, 1 explorer captain, 2 explorer lieutenants, 1 staff sergeant and two sergeants.

Some of the duties of an explorer are:

  • Crowd and traffic control
  • Assisting other police units when necessary
  • Participate in the ride-along program, which allows explorers to ride with a police officer on patrol.

While on patrol with an officer, the explorer will see and experience some aspects of the law that he or she might not ordinarily experience


Applicants must be between the age of 14 and 21 years of age. Applicants who are 14 years of age must have completed one semester of the ninth grade in order to apply. You must have an interest in law enforcement, be of good moral character, maintain a "C" average or better in school (no D's or F's), have the ability to write clear and accurate reports and effectively use the English language. You must also be able to understand policies, rules, instructions and regulations and have the ability to deal with the public in a courteous and tactful manner.


Those interested in applying with the explorer program should come to the next meeting and find out more about the program. Please dress appropriately and arrive a few minutes early. Your parents are also welcomed to attend. The explorers and staff will be willing to answer any questions that you or your parents might have regarding the program. Meetings are on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm at the Montebello Police Department. For more information, please email Sergeant Fernando Valle at [email protected]


As a police explorer with the City of Montebello, you will be instructed in various types of training. One of which is enrollment in the explorer academy, which is known throughout the United States to be one of the finest training facilities for law enforcement exploring. Training at the explorer academy will consist of eighteen (18) Saturdays. This training includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Criminal Law
  • Search and Seizure
  • Crowd and Traffic Control
  • Firearms
  • Radio Procedures
  • Discipline
  • Booking Procedures
  • Self Defense
  • Physical Fitness

If you can pass an oral interview, pass a background investigation on your school records, criminal conduct, drug and alcohol use and driving record, you will be accepted into the program.