Property & Evidence

The Montebello Police Department has two Evidence Technicians on staff. These technicians are responsible for maintaining the collection, documentation and preservation of property and evidence entering the department. Items such as narcotics, sexual assault kits, and fingerprints are prepared by the technician for processing at various crime labs.

Additionally, our technicians respond to major crime scenes and traffic collisions to process the scene for evidence. This includes taking photographs, sketching and taking measurements of the scene, collecting DNA evidence, chemically processing certain types of evidence, casting impressions and dusting for fingerprints.

Montebello Evidence Technicians are also responsible for ensuring lost or found property retained by the department is eventually returned to the rightful owner. If you have property being held at the Montebello Police Department, please call the number below to make an appointment to retrieve your items.

  • Property release hours: Tuesdays and Thursday, 9am to 4:30pm.
  • For questions or assistance, please call (323) 887-1327.