Monthly Financial Reports

Expanded accessibility to financial reports is one trait of a well-run public organization.  In this section, one can find monthly financial reports with year-to-date (YTD) actual expenditures, by department and division, for the current fiscal year.  The adopted budget is included, as well as dollar variance and percentage columns in each monthly report. The "Variance" column shows how the actuals compare to the budget (i.e., "Adopted Budget" minus "YTD Actuals). The "% YTD" column expresses YTD actuals as a percentage of the adopted budget amount. Both of these columns provide indications of spending patterns for each department, at the division and major expenditure category level.   These reports are updated after the end of each month. Prior month reports will remain available for comparison purposes.  The entire FY 2023-24 adopted budget books is available by clicking on the “Budget” link located in the menu to the left.